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congressman. and pat caddell, former pollster for jimmy carter. and doug schoen former pollster for bill clinton. doug, the numbers you saw on the screen, since the conventions, the president has gained four and romney has lost two, a swing of six points. >> that is where the race is. there are some polls in the swing states showing outsize leaps for obama the ink they are over sampling democrats and the mainstream media is away from what the race is. that is, a close contest. the president is about 48 or 49 percent approval and vote share. the governor's campaign has lost support. he is down around 43 percent. the 47 percent combined with the drift in the campaign has reduced his vote share, but it is still a a race, and the debate will be critical. >>gregg: this poll shows president obama at 49 and 44 and that can chain instantly. some of the media have written governor romney's obituary, this is premature. >> the media polls, the mainstream media uses the state polls like the new form of negative advertising. other negative campaigning against romney. the news organizations that are b
operation as the jimmy carter strategy. romney wants to link president obama to president carter by comparing the current events in libya to carter's issues with iran. the candidate telegraphed his new strategy in a "wall street journal" op-ed this weekend. the campaign says romney will give a major foreign policy speech this week. romney is taking his message to the air waves. >> i think they want to do their best to keep the people of america from understanding exactly what happened. we expect candor, we expect transparency, particularly to terrorism. >> it's hard to understand how mitt romney thinks this strategy is going to work. romney was hammered for his initial response to the attack in the middle east. he blamed the president for sympathizing with protesters. romney is a 14-point disadvantage for terrorist issues. romney can't pick a strategy and stick with it. the campaign, they used to be all about jobs. the romney slogan was obama isn't working. but then all of a sudden, the campaign was about obama care and the slogan was "repeal and replace." then that didn't work s
for any democratic president since jimmy carter, and they're trying to do it again. everything has suddenly become racist when republicans have never been racist, they are not racist historically. you know, msnbc are the ones introducing black guests and using the name of a different black person. be that happened at -- if that happened at fox, they'd pull the power. [laughter] cheryl: you talk about white guilt. you go back to the o.j. simpson trial, and you say that was the real turning point in america for many americans to get over white guilt. >> yes, yes! o.j. was better for race relations than obama has been. that was the moment white america said, that's it, we've shut down the white guilt bank, and it was the best thing that ever happened. you didn't have liberals patronizing blacks anymore, suddenly republican policies on crime and welfare were able to go into effect to the great benefit of the black community, saving tens of thousands of lives, and then obama comes along, and white liberals see the opportunity to get a left-wing president in office by calling a vote agai
belief ronald reagan defeated jimmy carter because he came across as likeable while carter was distant. same thing with clinton and the younger clinton had like ability. the younger remain personally popular until the resignificance kicked in. right now in a popularity poll president obama is ahead of mitt rom flee by 3 points according to a new fox news survey. after the debates that could change dramatically. romney and obama realize they must seem like the nice guy that's why they go on entertainment programs. they shouldn't be dealing with trivia but they do what they think they have to do. talking points understands that americans want their leaders to be accessible. they want to know that powerful people understand them. that is why the president's campaign has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to demonize governor romney as the callous rich guy. no one knows how many american voters are basically voting on wins. the group is substantial especially in a time when social media is diverting attention away from issues. >> the first debate is coming up on wednesday october
. >> reporter: in 1980, between ronald reagan and jimmy carter. and lloyd benson's wipe at dan quail in 1988. >> i served with jack kennedy, i knew jack kennedy, jack kennedy was a friend of mine, senator, you're not jack kennedy. >> reporter: then there were the moments that seemed to say momplt and george h.w. bush looking at his wash. governor rick perry's oops remark. romney's high dollar wager. >> a $10 bet? >> and obama's comment about hillary clinton. one thing analyst's agree on. >> he's got two very tough competing goals, be likable and may out a contrast. >> we have gotten to know barack obama pretty well, we have seen anymore as president for four years. mitt romney, he has still got a little white space on his canvass, he can still show us who he is and where he would lead us. >> reporter: the president spends the first part of the week in the battleground state of nevada where he'll be practicing with john kerry, and president obama will be practicing with rob port man who is playing president balm. >>> president obama and milt romney face to face as american voters weigh the ch
. it -- it used to go after jimmy carter who talking about how he consulted his 8-year-old daughter amy on nuclear proliferation it loved to get a gogot you with either party, now it seems, i'm not saying just right or left. but only the right, where they go for this when sometimes, it is obvious as all heck, both sides if you want to go there are giving you ample room. >> when i was in law school, james restin came to speak, during my freshman year, it was refreshing t hear him talk about journalism, yo you put our feelings aside, it is gone, your example with pacs is most recent, there is foreign policy, and the economy, what do you hear people talk about, any little improvement in the economy it is how story of president obama on the right track, and very little coverage of the 48 straight months of unemployment. neil: durable good orders sliding and housing industry not taking off, these numbers don't get the coverage, i think saying, this is weird, you know. >> on shows like this, there are a few shows that are factually based, i think that fox does a great job, and they make every effort to
that helped undermine president jimmy carter's re-election bid. we've heard that many times before, zoraida. we'll see if that works this time. >> both candidates are speaking this morning. what do they hope to accomplish today. >> for the president, being president has -- is both an advantage and burden. the burden as elise mentioned earlier, he has to soothe anxieties both here and overseas about the middle east. but politically, he gets to look presidential. mitt romney doesn't get to step in front of the u.n. general assembly. the president does. for romney, speaking at the clinton global initiative in new york today, bill clinton's foundation we expect him to be critical of president obama and talk specifically about foreign aid and in places particularly like egypt. >> thank you, peter hamby. >> thanks a lot. >>> we'll get you up to date on the headlines. christine romans is here. >>> president obama set to lay out his global priorities in a speech to the u.n. general assembly this morning. he's expected to have strong words concerning iran nuclear defiance. he's expected to re-affirm
jimmy carter. that should send a powerful message. there's not the proper security and proper understanding of how danger islamic extremist terrorism is. when have you heard the president of the united states use the words islamic extremist terrorism? >> greta: you know, he has said that he wants to talk with the iranians, but that hasn't even hand in 3 1/2 years. it's not been attempted. maybe there's something behind the scenes diplomatic work being done, but nothing has been done there. we see iran marching toward a nuclear weapon. israel, our greatest ally in the region, obviously very concerned, you know, asking the united states for some sort of help, and things get leaked to the "new york times," which says they can't do it themselves, and we don't seem -- we say they're our greatest ally, but we seem to be a little bit throwing them under the bus. >> i don't think we are a little throwing them under the bus. i think we are throwing them under the bus. the fact is this is beyond politics, whether you like somebody or don't. the prime minister of israel has to make a ver
's decided we can get rid of mubarak. this is tantamount to basically what jimmy carter did to iran. >> sean: mr. mayor, thank you. thank you so much for being with us. the fact that within 24 hours of the attack, the link to al-qaeda was in fact confirmed and to this very day the president continues to point his finger and apologize for this youtube movie trailer, it's shameful and dishonest. mr. president is this what you meant by "transparency," so as you stink of the cover-ups, spreading alarm, a number of lawmakers are blasting this misleading intelligence briefings that they got straight from your administration. let's take a look at this. >> i wish you had seen the briefing that took place. it was the most had senseless, worthless, briefing that i've ever attended. something is up here in that we are not getting the basic information that i think most americans would want us to have. >> well, i think we should have answers right away. i can tell you i participated in a briefing last week. that briefing was totally inadequate. i got more information from "the new york times" that i got
but to be able to delegate enough so you don't get mired down. one of the criticisms of jimmy carter. ronald reagan, they said he didn't pay attention to details. he had the big things right. now that we have gone back, read diaries and letters, we know he did a lot of that work himself, didn't delegate to staff. it was the big ideas. he let staff handle the details. also, you have to be able to manage people. to some extent one of the criticisms i have of president obama is that he has turned too much over to other people and doesn't work well with congress. you need to work well together. >> let me ask you about the relationship with senator mccain. i asked it of senator hutchinson. is it a blessing or curse to have the president or nominee be from your home state. >> john and i represent the same constituency, he will be elected to senate, i will be gone before he will. he is my colleague this entire time. larger than life in many respects. that has its plus and minuses, he is playing the national issues, i am doing a lot of things that relate to the state. he is very good when he focuses
the crazy media that you have now. >> he was not running against the media jimmy carter. that's one important difference. the other part is despite the confusion, the distraction, it is up to governor romney to step forward and i mean galvanize the american public, the voting public. he can't do this by saying that we both care about the middle class. the fact of the matter is, the middle class has been torn to pieces. the republic party isn't acknowledging the social contract and the subcontracts that have been torn to pieces. >> bill: 5,000 in the median household. i would have a sign if i were romney just hold that up. you are getting hosed and this guy is doing it. >> romney doesn't even say you know, under george bush when this president is bashing bush, household income rose 18%. >> bill: in the 8 years he was in office. >> absolutely. now half of that has been torn away in three and a half years. >> bill: all right. you are going to make a prediction for me tonight. you think romney is going to do well on wednesday. >> i do think he is going to do well. >> are you rooting for
was, than jimmy carter was with his party and bush sr. was with his party. energy is hard to measure. the measurements we have show a reaganesque party unity. >> matt has this great piece in the rolling stone where he says the presidential race never, ever should have been this close. the idea that we become like sports announcers. we want the tight game going into the fourth quarter. we want a hail mary pass at the end because it is more exciting. he points out that, in fact, this race is one given both who mitt romney is as a candidate as well as the extremely high support that president obama has within his base should never have been this close at all which goes to your point about sometimes the massive amount of money that's gone into the race to give us a different message about mitt romney. >> i want to add one disagreement to the disagreement. as much as popularity and the figures are up. the difference between 2008 and 2012 is the tea party, which happened in 2010. we know that they are going to be on the ground, up in people's faces and raising hell just like they did aroun
to have a permanent majority. >> i had a conversation with jason carter, a state senator in georgia, jimmy carter's grandson. 36-year-old state senator. he was saying, you know, i'm for the voting rights. i'm a democrat, i love the voting rights act. one of the problems is, it has encouraged exclusively minority district. i want to have an sbe gratd district. i want a district where i appeal to white and black voters and especially in the earlier days of the voting rights act, there was sometimes the unholy alliance between african-american politics and white republican legislatures which was throw all the african-americans in one district. it will be represented by a democratic african-american forever. >> right. >> then everything else will be right. it's a problem. >> i say to that argument, why don't you have the governors. why lose the statewide offices. it doesn't have to do with redistricting. the fact is, the democrats have been losing for different reasons. i don't want to get into all those reasons why they are not real popular with white americans in general. >> in the south, pa
that -- and then certainly by 1980, ronald reagan was very behind in the polls was just able to tidal wave over jimmy carter with quips like there you go again in a sort of staged format. since 1980, they have become part of the american landscape. >> the "new york times" recently wrote about this debate prep and the president of the united states is an awesome figure merely to share the platform with him on equal terms is the gain in stature, good performance will be gauged even better. why would any president agree to participate in an event that ultimately -- the -- because it's become now a demand, president obama suddenly bailed on debates. then, you know, he would be seeming like a poor sport. and also these debates are agreed upon long before the fall season, they're everything from the podium to the lighting, everything is worked out between the parties. >> do you think the presidential debate has ever changed the course of an election? >> i definitely do, i think we just talked about 1960, i think it changed it. i think in 1976, in 1980, i think also one could argue in 2000, it would al gore's kind
into the whole dynamic of the 1980 race in the sense that jimmy carter was a stumbling, ineffective president. >> fast forward to 1992, president jhw bush was on the ropes against bill clinton over a sluggish economy when ronald laying an's defense secretary was -- bad news that bush, who served as reagan's vice president did not need. >>> in 2004, a classic october surprise. osama bin laden released a video on october 29th, just four days before election day in a razor-thin race between president bush and john kerry. >>> it served as a reminder of the terrorist threat and strategists in both parties believed helped president bush. >> the term october surprise has become a seismic event. most centered around foreign policy, others have been around the economy, like in 2008. when the economy imploded, john mccain's advisers say his campaign collapsed with it and never recovered. historians say for an october surprise to have an 11th hour impact, it has to feed into a narrative that already exists, whether carter's ineffectiveness or mccain. >> it's not yur reek a. this is a so surprising, so a
call for sacrifice was ridiculed for it. that president, jimmy carter suggested only that we turn down our thermostats a tad and guzzle a bit less gas. then came ronald reagan who's man great contributions to america were coupled with less great ones, including idea, which has dominate ourd political discourse ever since, that we should speak only of morning in mark and that optimism, like virtue, is its own rewar. it isn't, not if it's crowds out realism. >> let's not read the whole article. you talked to erskine bowles? >> about this? >> i'm saying we talked to him. you talked to erskine bowles, bill clinton's former chief of staff who's in the debt commission. he's scared. he's scared to death. >> about the things we can't say. >> about the fiscal cliff. what we can't say about taxes, what we can't say about cutting the taxes, what we can't say about medicate. >> you can't tell voters they're going to feel pain for anything. >> either side. >> we're not talked to as adults. we're talked to as children, which is our own fault because that's what we've shown here. when you listen to b
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)